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What is Rent-A-Plane?
Rent-A-Plane is the newest aircraft rental/service company in the Tulsa area, specializing in the smaller aircraft categories of general aviation, and especially ultralights. Rent-A-Plane matches aircraft owners, who wish to put their aircraft to work to earn extra money towards paying for the expenses of ownership, with renters who cannot afford the long term committment or do not wish to make the hefty purchase involved with owning an airplane.
Rent-A-Plane can also be your resource for leisurely and/or business travel. You can rent an airplane from Rent-A-Plane to fulfill your travel needs.
Can't fly? Don't have a license? Not to worry! Rent-A-Plane can help you find an instructor if you wish to obtain a license, or we can even refer you to a category of "aircraft" that don't even require a license.
Don't have time for a license? Still need to use a plane? This where our service comes into the equation. Depending on your needs, We have pilots who can meet them--at little or no additional cost!
Speaking of service... If there's any reason you need a plane...Maybe, photography? Survey? Courier services? ...Feel free to contact us with your needs, and let's see what we can do... If Rent-A-Plane cannot meet your needs, we'll certainly help you find someone who can.

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